28 July 2006

Well, first off - it's Friday! For your visiting pleasure I present: Texas Hold'em Poker and Texas Hold'em.

So many things this week were post-worthy, but I've been too busy in my last week off! My Grandma said no other grandkids call her. That's very sad :( I've got like over 30 cousins with that same grandma, and she's cool! Whatever - crazy kids.

I started using a new toothpaste - Colgate Vanilla Mint. It tastes really good, but I think they're missing something with the appearance. It's like a gel consistancy, but white and milky looking. Reminds me of...yeah. Not anything that would make me think of toothpaste.

We hired cleaning people again! Merry Maids started coming today. If I had to be honest, I think the ladies before did a more 'thorough' job, but they annoyed me and I couldn't leave them notes, since they were supposed to be 'friends of the family.' The ladies today did an acceptable job - especially for just over half the price! Woo-hoo!

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