06 July 2006

Ugh. I haven't felt this down in quite a while. There's still so much I can't do, and I think my man is getting pretty darn tired of doing it too. So last night he worked on the car, and no one emptied the dishwasher or did the dishes from dinner. I'll probably try it in small bits later on. It's hard bending to get to the bottom rack on the dishwasher, and reaching where everything goes to put it away. And while I'm trying to cut down on the pain pills, it hurts. Yeah, whine, whine, whine. No wonder my man is tired of me.
It's also hormonal, of course. And now 'that time of month' doesn't just mean my moods are a bit more volatile, it means I'm not pregnant, which just pisses me off more.
Before, I could usually fake it for a little while when my man got home, but right now I'm trying to help a friend get help with drinking and probably depression, so he gets the smiles and encouragement. And my man knows and understands this.
Will I always feel like I should be everything to everyone? And that they'll leave me high and dry if I'm not?


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