18 July 2006

Arrghhh! Just got off the phone with the disability people and the doctor's office. The disability lady called here first.
The Rude Disability Chick: "Your return to work date is 7/25."
Me: "Ummm...my slip from the doctor says 7/31. Should I call them to clarify?"
RDC: "NO! You return to work on 7/25. The doctor signed it. He said 7/25."
M: "Huh. SHE told me 7/31. Would you like to call her office or should I?"
RDC: "You return to work on 7/25."
M: "I understand your paperwork says 7/25. Mine says 7/31. We'll need to contact the office to clarify. Should I call them or will you?"

Stupid bitch.

So my file at the doctor's office shows two different dates. They're going to clarify with the doctor and call back. I explained that since I have physical therapy scheduled all next week, I will not be available and equipped to return to work until 7/31. What a pain! At this rate, my next disability will be due to my high blood pressure!

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