21 June 2006

You know how sometimes some things just throw you for a loop? An online friend of mine had posted just after midnight about her husband's job and how he had two more days in the city he was in, then would be home to her by Saturday - she was looking forward to it! (duh!)
He just died. She started another thread that they had started CPR and were rushing him to the local hospital there. Then she posted that he's gone. I can't even imagine. It's got me in a daze. I called my man to make sure he's okay. She's one of the people who didn't even know anything about my surgery, but when someone posted that I was out and okay, she was one of the first to come in and say how glad she was, and that she was praying for me.
The people like this, who still have strong faith, blow me away. How can something like this happen to otherwise young and healthy people? Life isn't fair. I hate to be reminded of that.

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