20 May 2006

Woo-hoo!! Crazy Saturday night at home :) Earlier today I went out (and my husband met me there...) to the Relay for Life. I didn't come close to my fundraising goal (although I almost hit my original goal of $500 :). It was somewhat bittersweet to go there this year, after my friend already died of cancer. We hung out with her husband for a bit, then I headed back home and my man went back to the bachelor party that (apparently) never ends!
The bachelor party started out racing go-carts at noon, then they were going to the shooting range (the part my honey skipped to come be with me), then to Bennigans for dinner and the (I'm assuming) hitting the bars :). Next weekend we'll go to their wedding.
I tried to make cocoa fudge when I got home, but didn't cook it quite long enough :( So it's more like fudge sauce. Meh.
I plan on working on straightening up around the house a bit tonight in preparation for my Pampered Chef party on Wednesday.
The pain hasn't gone away - I'm just trying not to think about it. I took a vicodin yesterday afternoon at 3:30, then tried to see what would happen without. A lot of freaking pain, that's what happens. I gave in tonight at 7 or so and took another one...it should be kicking in soon...

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