07 May 2006

So I've finally been to a bachelorette party! And been on a party bus! In the same night, no less :) Before last night, I could say that even though I've been married twice, I had never been to a bacheloretter party. Wow.

I can still say that I've never been 'in' a wedding. I was married both times in civil ceremonies. I'm not sure it counts as being in a wedding, even as the bride, if you wear jeans, ya know? In October I'll be in my brother's wedding.
Here's the dress I'll be wearing:

I don't know that I'm crazy about the burnt orange color, but I'm sure it'll be pretty for their fall wedding. The bride-to-be only chose the color and the satin material for us, then sent us off to find any style we wanted (as long as they're all different). A pretty darn good idea, I think...

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