08 April 2006

Ugh! Why can't I make up my mind?? All week long, but husband was planning to go out with his brother tonight, but then yesterday his brother never called him back, so we were thinking everything was off. So today he got up and went with my brother to work on cars and stuff. As he left he said have dinner ready when he got home.
I spent a nice day by myself: cleaned up my office some, painted my toenails, started some meatballs in the crock pot. I was looking forward to us having a nice evening together since he hadn't called. I even skipped going to the library since I had plenty of plans for the rest of the weekend.
He walks in at 5 (the same time the library closes) and says his brother called a couple hours ago so he has to head out right away. So he ate a few meatballs and left. And I'm stuck home alone with no money, no books to read, and already having done household chores all da, certainly not in the mood to keep doing that.
I was originally looking forward to the day and evening alone, but now I'm just teed off that I couldn't be kept in the loop and know what changes as it does, instead of hours later when it's too late to adjust any of my plans. Ugh!

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