03 April 2006

So much for a better post to follow - sorry about that!

Yesterday was not such a fun day at our house. We took our Home Depot gift cards and went shopping - sounds like a good start, right? We got an exhaust fan for our Master Bath, a programmable thermostat and a jack thingy that goes in the basement to help level the living room floor. And we (by we, I mean my husband) decided to attack the projects in that order. The first project has yet to reach completion.

The fan is currently in the ceiling, but it can't be turned on yet due to electrical fucked-up-ed-ness in the walls. A large portion of the day was spent in the attic splicing random wires to try and make the connections we needed. Unfortunately, the wires we need don't seem to reach the attic - they must be just in the walls :(

At worst, for a while we had a switch in the bathroom that operated the light, and a switch in the bathroom that operated the lights and the computer in the spare bedroom next door. Oops!!

Now we're back to just one switch for the light. I wish I had enough money that I could pay someone to take care of it and not stress out my man anymore!!

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