24 April 2006

So I was hanging out over on MySpace for a bit and it got me to thinking. One of my...well, probably just an acquaintance at this point...but possibly a friend. Anyway, off track already.
Have you ever known someone who didn't stay in your life, but changed it drastically in the little time you were close with them?
When I thought about it, it probably wasn't the friend as much as the situation. Going several states away to hang out with her was somewhat of a dare to myself. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, so I did, by my own force.
I got on an airplane by myself and flew to see someone I knew primarily in virtual reality. It was a great weekend, and got me dating again too (boy, is that a whole nother story!).
Overall, she and the other people in her life, changed the path of my life forever. In a very good way.
I'd tell her thanks, but we've gotten more distant over time, and it would be awkward now, although nothing was awkward that weekend.

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