19 April 2006

A day off!! Woo-hoo!! 'Course, I have to work on Saturday, but let's go one day at a time, shall we?
Today I plan to clean both bathrooms, dust and vacuum. (I probably spelled that wrong, but you get the idea.) This doesn't start til after a couple preliminaries. Shortly, I'll start getting out the sammich stuff to make lunch for my favorite husband. After he leaves, I may take one of our gift cards to Target to get one of those wall-mounted thingies to hold the mops and brooms. Right now, they fall on your head as you go up or down the stairs to the basement. Not much fun.
My reward? Once I get through 'cleaning both bathrooms' on my list, I'm going to make some of my very favorite-ist cocoa fudge. YUM!!!

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