09 March 2006

Isn't gratitude a marvelous thing? I've just been sitting around tonight doing thank-you cards. See, the thing about not having a 'wedding,' per se, and just telling everyone you're married is that some people will send you stuff, but it just sort of trickles in. We've gotten cash, a few gift cards, and some assorted other goodies so far. Since I wasn't really expecting anything, they're nice surprises. We'll have enough to do the hardwood floors in the spring (I want all but the bedrooms and bathrooms done), and use the gift cards for some re-decorating in those areas. It'll be fun!
I did the first few thank you cards last week, for things that had been waiting for us when we arrived home, and tonight I'm getting the rest caught up. My mom commented today that it was nice she'd already gotten one from us, since one never arrived from my cousin, who got married in June. Nothing like an anti-guilt trip from mom to motivate me to finish the rest ;) I have three left to do tonight.
While I do that, why don't you play Texas Hold'em Poker and Texas Hold'em?

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