25 March 2006

A day to myself!
I woke up feeling kind of blah, mildly cranky, and thoroughly unmotivated. Luckily, I shook it and got moving! I made it to the library to get new books and to Target to get a bridal shower gift for next weekend and the waffle iron that my husband mentioned last night he'd like to have (I'll sneak out of bed tonight and put it on the kitchen counter like Santa brought it!).
Once I got home, I kept going! I've dusted and vacuumed, and then made my favorite cocoa fudge (which turned out perfectly!) and finished washing up the stuff from making that.
Really, it may not sound like much, but for me to have dragged myself out of the dumps, I'm thrilled! My husband will be home tonight, so all I have left to do while entertaining myself for the next 4 hours or so is find some dinner. After all I've accomplished today, this should be a walk in the park. :)

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