08 February 2006

Wow. It's really happening :)
He got our marriage license yesterday. Today is my last morning getting up for work (I work through next Tuesday, then Wednesday in the afternoon only since I'm going for my waxing in the AM, then off the whole week after that!). Wow.
Poor man is sick lately - hopefully fighting it off so he'll be healthy for our honeymoon :) Wow.

I never thought I'd be so lucky - to finally find the right guy, who I love, who loves me like I need. How many people truly get that? It's worth waiting for, but that's so hard to believe when you're alone. I know. I've been there and heard that.

I don't remember loving my first husband. How's that for horrible? I got married ten years ago because I didn't know how else to move out to 'my own' place alone. So I was with someone who wasn't what I needed and didn't care enough to work it out with.

I remember loving my serious boyfriend after that. I also remember him not loving me enough back. Love's got to be a two way street or it just ends up hurting. And that isn't really even love, then, is it?

I've finally won the love lottery :) My man and I are just as crazy about each other. We both marvel at how lucky we are. And we're willing to fight to keep it that way. I refuse to be taken for granted now, and I don't want to stop appreciating him either.

Life is good.

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