19 January 2006

I'm officially engaged! :) *insert very large smiley here*

Last night he somehow snuck the ring into bed, expecting me to be bummed out again about an evening with my friends (they keep asking me 'are you getting married?' 'where's your ring' and the like CONSTANTLY - it hurt my feelings, like I wasn't worth the conversation if I didn't have the right answer...).
He asked if people were thinking our cruise next month is a honeymoon. Then he asked if they would think it more if I had this on my finger, and he put the ring on my finger.
I'm so happy! It's beautiful, with a princess cut stone in the center, flanked by two pear shaped stones, and then lil baguettes channel set in the band. (I hope those are diamonds, and not bagels, but you know what I mean!)
It's beautiful :)

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