26 December 2005

So was Santa good to you? He spoiled me again :) Some of what I received includes: some Victoria's Secret pants I wanted (actually keeping two identical pairs, and returning a third for a couple other things), a lava lamp that plugs into my USB port (for my desk at work), March of the Penguins, The Incredibles, ski pants, ski hat, gloves and socks, a Maxi-Glide, and lots of other candy and stuff. A pretty good haul, I'd say.
My man and I together received an Entertainment Book and a Home Depot gift card. With that we're planning on getting a programmable thermostat (to save on heating costs) and some paint!! He's said he'll try and get some painting done this week (he's off work til 'next year' - translation 'next week' - but I only have today off). I'm so excited!!

So how were your holidays?

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