14 December 2005

I need all the help we can get....If you pray, or send well wishes or whatever, we'll take it!!

My baby girl has been sick. (Okay, she's a cat, but she's still our baby girl!) She's just been laying around and not doing much (including eating!) since I finished medicating her for a UTI a little over a month ago. We finally took her to the vet on Monday. She was down from 10 lbs to 7.6 lbs. The doctor took x-rays to make sure she didn't have any sort of obstruction, and took blood. The blood showed that her liver enzymes were elevated - to 10 - 20X what they were supposed to be!
I took her back in this morning for an ultrasound and a needle biopsy.
The good news is, she may have quit eating when she was pissed off about taking the pills before, then the liver problem developed, so then she felt even less like eating. While the doctor says this doesn't sound probable, everything else has tested negative, so we're going with it.
Tomorrow she goes in for surgery. She's having a feeding tube put in so we can feed her straight to her stomach to give her liver a rest. Then the liver will heal itself. That's the plan...
Here's our baby - please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!!

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