11 November 2005

Whoa. Stop the world, I need to get off.
Over a week now with no internet at home. I go home, work for a bit (laundry, dishes, whatever), veg in front of the t.v. while my man watches his shows, then go to sleep. I've never been so exhausted from not doing anything.
PMS is also hitting hard. I cried myself to sleep last night, then awake again by 4am. I feel like my poor man would be so much better off with someone normal. And I'm afraid it'll never be me. My inadequacies just grow around this time of month, and to top it off, two more of our friends are pregnant. What if I can't get pregnant even once we're married. I'll want to run away just to let him off the hook so he can do it right. Fear is crushing me.
Of course, all this doesn't leave much time for Texas Holdem Poker or Texas Holdem. What's a girl to do??

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