21 October 2005

Tonight my man is working on his car again. He had to do it with someone (strong) around to help for this part, and tonight was the only night a willing friend was available. So I've been trying to get motivated to do some work inside the house, and avoid Texas Holdem Poker and Texas Holdem Online ;)
I also tried to play the good girlfriend, while starving and exhausted. I went to pick the boys up some dinner at BW3's. Yum!! While I was out doing that, I decided to (in a rather ghetto manner) use my credit card at a 24-hour CVS to get some much needed toilet paper. My amusement for the night was just ahead of me in line.
A girl in her 20s had a bottle of Pepsi and a home pregnancy test. When I first saw her, I felt bad for her. Friday night, and she's heading home to figure out if she's expecting a baby. Yikes! What happened next just turned it to pure comedy though. She got to the front counter and added a few items to her order. A couple lottery tickets, and a pack of cigarettes. Yup. Pepsi, pregnancy test, lottery tickets and cigarettes. Does she feel lucky or not? For all our sakes, I hope the test is negative!

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