16 September 2005

I can't believe I so completely forgot to tell ya'll about the party last weekend!! It was so incredibly awesome!!!
We took a bus on Saturday morning to Cleveland, where we had the afternoon to use our company provided passes at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (which is where we chose to go), the Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, the Museum of Natural History and/or the Great Lakes Science Center.
After that, they bussed us back to the hotels they were putting us up at to get ready for the real party.
We got to the newly named Quicken Loans Arena at about 7pm. At first, the new commercial name kinda bugged me, til the bus driver said something referring to the arena by its old name. When he said 'Gund Arena' quickly, it sounded like gonorrhea. Yeah. That sounds like a fun place! So 'the Q' it will be :D
At the arena, I was completely blown away. EVERYTHING was free. The food, the alcohol, the arcade games set up on the concourse, the music videos you could make, having your picture taken, your choice of a t-shirt, a hat, a tote bag, etc..etc...No money passed hands all night.
At 9pm the musical entertainment started. First, the Loaners opened it up for us. Then there were some (I think) Cleveland Cavaliers and the Cleveland Cavalier Girls dancing on stage before the headliner. Finally, the Black Eyed Peas put on an excellent show. My man insisted on staying on the main floor, not because he liked the band, but because that's where he thinks you have to be to watch a show! Yikes - that was loud!
We finally left the main floor to wander the concourse and enjoy the other stuff, and ended up missing the end of the show, when Kid Rock came up and did a couple songs acapella. Wow!
At the after party, on the other half of the arena floor, we were joined on the dance floor by the Cavaliers and Kid Rock!! Wow!!

My jaw was just on the ground half the time. Every meeting I've gone to for PartyLite, they've said, "What other employer does stuff like this for you?" Now, I've got an answer for them. Thanks, Quicken!

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