27 August 2005

The man left for the weekend without me this time :( It shouldn't bother me, since I know he has to finish working on the boat, and if I didn't have to work today I could have gone with him. But it does bother me because I know I'm just not as much 'fun' lately. I have to go to work every day, I'm still clingy and emotionally horrifically bumpy since the funeral last week.... To top it off, one of his old friends from high school has started calling since she's having a rough time with her (supposedly) impending divorce. I want to be nice about it, but he's mine. I trust him, but I don't want her thinking she'd remotely have any chance. And then last night he tells my brother that the chick is hot. Whatever.
I honestly am not worried about her, but I really, really don't like being with myself lately. I suppose I can't blame him for not wanting to be around for the weekend either, but who else is there to blame?

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