19 July 2005

Apologies in advance, if Natalie reads this, she will be very disappointed from a professional standpoint.

I called in and quit the temp-to-hire position from hell this morning. A few (good, in my eyes) reasons?
1)The employees there still didn't have promised health benefits, more than two months after they were promised to take effect.
2)Another temp-to-hire employee, through another agency, just laughed when I told her it was temp-to-hire. She's been there almost a year. The 'hire' thing is just a luring trick used.
3)The employees already there with at least 5 months seniority still have no vacation time, or any in sight.
4)Advice from existing, job-seeking employees was to get out.

My approach? Well, I thought about it last night after my interview went well (so if you're counting, I'm up to 3 possible job offers....) and realized that every time I've called in and said I had a 'headache,' I've ended up with a headache by that afternoon. So this morning I called in with another job offer. So, by my reasoning, I should be posting this afternoon with very good news!!

The temp lady was (understandably) peeved, but I resisted the urge to play back her argumentativeness. I told her I was sorry it didn't work out and finally said good-bye. Nothing she said, and no amount of money would have convinced me to go back to that office.

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