05 June 2005

What a positively laid-back weekend :)

I planned on trying to get my hours up for the week, but we are completely out of work so far. I've applied to some more stuff online, and tomorrow I'm going to give up on the permanence for a few minutes in exhange for some cash-ola. Yup - calling all the temp agencies again. Not exactly reliable, but it can't be worse than the position I'm in, right? And I can always say no to what they call with.

Currently reading Ghostlight by Marion Zimmer Bradley. All the sci-fi fans are probably going to lynch me, but this book just isn't pulling me in like my usual pop-fiction so far. Is this not one of her better books? A friend actually recommended The Mists of Avalon, but the sheer size of that intimidated me, so I was hoping to just fall in love with the author first, to give me the extra nudge to pick up the heavy book. Hmm..... We'll see.

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