16 June 2005

Let the vacations begin!
On our way out of here in a few to head to the Tail of the Dragon. U.S. car people should know what I'm talking about. It's 318 curves in 11 miles - switchbacks up (or is it down?) the mountain...Definitely an adrenaline rush! Almost 20 of us are going from a web-forum I hang out on. My man is the driver for our car (and I'm already planning on sitting out a few runs to read and enjoy my long weekend too! hehehe).

Still haven't heard on the job :( I'm sure I'll be checking my voicemail almost constantly tomorrow during business hours. I could surely enjoy myself more if I could count on some income in the future! I know your fingers are probably sore and turning purple (mine are!) but could you keep em crossed for just a little longer? Thanks!

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