17 May 2005

Welp. This should be the last day of working 3 jobs for a while. My test reading gig is up today. Probably before days end, even. Okay by me. I have a candle party to do tonight that I'm not entirely ready for. Surprise, surprise, eh? hehehehe Okay, maybe not.
This weekend is our big party! We were going to go to Cedar Point tomorrow, but we forgot about my man's softball. So now that trip is scheduled for next week. Which will probably work out much better, with all the editing work and stuff to get ready for the party I have left...
Actively looking for a full-time job again. Once I can get that, I can turn down the heat on my candle biz, and quit the editing dealio. Only 40 or so hours each week? Sounds like heaven! And if I can (please, please, please...) get health insurance before my annual visit in a couple months, even better.

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