31 May 2005

Keep your fingers crossed for me today. If I can get three candle shows closed today - one in person at 2:30 (should be in the bag) and two by phone - I will bonus for May. Bonus is good because it means an extra $126 (at least) in my pocket. The sad part is, the two by phone? For whatever reason, they aren't calling me back. All they need to do is pick out free stuff and give me their credit/debit card number for shipping and tax (less than $10!!). Why? Why? Why?

I tried the makeup. I'm still wearing it, but I'm not sure how happy I am. I don't have the heart to tell the girls on the board, but it looks so much heavier than my liquid makeup. I've tried using less, to the point of almost none, and I've tried mixing the darker and lighter foundations in different ways. Sure, it looks polished, but I feel like a clown. Huh.

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