26 May 2005

And on the seven-hundredth day she might get to rest! LOL

I'm now 'down' to the editing job for 20 - 30 hours a week, plus my candle parties. Unfortunately, with spring speeding toward me, I usually only have 4 uncommitted days a week!
Last weekend, we had the party (with a disappointing turnout) on Saturday, I had a candle party and we still had party cleanup on Sunday, then we decided to go to Cedar Point on Monday. The weather for Monday could've been better, but the cool-ness kept traffic down, I suppose. We were able to ride all the major roller coasters! Woo-hoo!!

Next weekend, of course, we'll be headed to the cottage for the holiday, then spending the extra day there as well. I'll be working Tuesday - Friday, again.

When I'm not visiting Texas Holdem Poker and Texas Holdem Online, I have been applying to at least one job a day. The odds have to work in my favor for one or the other soon!

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