09 April 2005

My brother is the bee's knees. The cat's pajamas. The...well, you get the point. The coolest guy around!
This afternoon as I was leaving to go to my show, my dashboard on my car had a few extra lights: CHECK ENGINE SOON, ANTI-LOCK, and TRAC OFF. Bummer, huh? I called my brother to see if I was doing permanent damage by still driving it. He suggested I bring it by after my show and he could look at it, since it was still operating okay for me.
After my less-than-stellar show, I headed to his place. First he commented on how dirty it was. I swear, the bird poop just got there yesterday! He said we'd need to take it for a drive first to see about the squeeking noise (now that the lights hadn't come back on). He drove it to the car wash and paid to have her cleaned!
When we got back to his place, he went in to get a flash light to look in the wheels and came out with his detailing stuff too! He cleaned off a few spots the car wash hadn't gotten very well.
He couldn't see in the wheel well enough, so we headed back to my house (with the garage) to jack it up and take the wheel off. Turns out the front brake pads are done. We headed to Murray's for brake pads and rotors. He said he can do it tomorrow for me!
After Murray's we went to Red Lobster for dinner and he said to get whatever I wanted, his treat!
I am spoiled rotten :) And very, very lucky to have such a great brother!

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