02 March 2005

With all the reading I’ve been doing for work, I really feel like writing. Unfortunately, working a minimum of 55 hours a week plus still trying to take care of my man like I’m a stay at home woman doesn’t leave much time for writing. Or sleeping, for that matter, but that’s just another useless detail. And we still make time for you-know-what ;) Even if he has to wake me up for it. LOL

The other day I totally bitched out on him. He had the nerve to ask me if something was wrong when he saw the look on my face. Imagine, at this point, that he’s lying in bed and I’m walking in after finishing up the dishes and packing both of our lunches (which I’d asked him to do while he was watching tv earlier).
I lost it. I told him in what may not be considered my ‘indoor voice’ that I was exhausted and tired of feeling like I’m doing it all alone.
At the time, it only made me more angry that he didn’t respond.
I apologized in the morning. While he was still in bed and I was on my way out the door to work.

That evening we had dinner plans with a friend. I think he was beginning to realize how much it’s all wearing on me when he got home to find me fast asleep on the couch. I was able to get about a half hour nap after doing the dishes and cleaning the living room after work. It was hard for me to drag myself awake and out the door again, but I made it.

Once we made it home by ourselves again, he finally held me. He didn’t mention my obnoxious, psycho behavior the night before. He told me he couldn’t remember his life without me, and that he loves having me around. I asked him if it still applied when I’m a crazy banshee. He said, “Ya take the good, ya take the bad,” and we sang together: “You take them both and there you have the Facts of Life….the Facts of Life…”
Yeah, we’re kinda goofy like that. It was all okay again, and he gave me exactly what I needed, if ya catch my drift. Actually he gave it to me even if ya don’t catch my drift ;)

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