31 March 2005

Today’s Things To Do:
1) Go to post office in old town – get last of mail from P.O. box and get $2 back for returning both keys! (never mind that it took me way more than $2 worth of work to find them both yesterday...)
2) Mount some stamp sets for #3 and #4.
3) Make thank-you cards for Grandma for letting us stay last week, and for March hostesses for PartyLite.
4) Make birthday card for Kristie (not til May 7, but as long as I have the stuff out...
5) Check out Poker Chips and Download Texas Hold'em.
6) Go with man to see new transmission for his car. Yeah. Another broken car part. What can you do? If you’re considering a Subaru to actually act like the rally car they portray it as, think twice. This will be his THIRD transmission. That doesn’t count the fact that it’s on its second engine. How old is it? A 2004.

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