12 March 2005

So yesterday, I was dancing all over the house in the morning, singing about wearing my cute jeans and going on a date.
Last night, I found out that 'date' may mean different things to different people. My man, for example, interpreted it as going out to dinner with me...and his dad. Don't get me wrong, I like his dad (and he even bought), but between the boat tour today, the party he's going to tonight, and working on cars with my brother tomorrow, the only time we're spending together - the two of us - before I'm working my ass off again next week is in bed. Which is nice, too, but I wouldn't have minded some awake time together when I didn't have to play nice for other people. Oh well.
He also found out last night that his dad expected him to stay in some hotel and have dinner tonight after the boat show. My man made plans to go out with friends already. So I couldn't really discuss the date thing, since he currently feels like he's screwing up everything. Which he certainly isn't.

Welp, I'm almost done, but still a bit more tax stuff to get together. No one had any sage advice? (Besides leaving the country, please.)

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