14 March 2005

Having yet another blech sort of day. I suppose it started okay. Spent most of the day at work daydreaming about my man in general, and our trip next weekend to visit friends in South Carolina. Finally remembered to request next Friday off for the trip.
He got home, the trip is cancelled :( Our friends have family coming to town instead. So now I'm supposed to be looking for an alternative plan. It may be a little tricky, between working my three jobs and trying to squeeze in sleeping and eating, but it's above several of those things on my list, so I'll make it work. *wink, wink*

After dinner I gave him a choice to help with laundry or dishes. He picked the dishes. I started the dryer on a lil fluff, then turned to start the washer. The dryer started an odd thumping noise. I looked at it for (luckily) just a second before it occurred to me what might sound like a tennis shoe in the dryer - A CAT! I opened the door and my oldest baby stumbled out. So far, she looks unscathed.
I feel like the worst mother ever.

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