08 February 2005

Morning. Not necessarily good :meh:.

His dad is coming by to pick up the computer my man wasn't able to fix. And it sounds like he thinks we're ripping him off. So I'm supposed to say, "Look, see those boxes? It's the new stuff we got for your machine." Shouldn't he already know what's been done? I certainly don't have the knowledge to explain it to him. I'm just a dumb girl.

The lady from the temp agency called. I could work today! Unfortunately, she called like 10 minutes after he left with the car. And after yelling at me about his dad, so there's no way I'd call him and ask for my car back. I've been enough of a bitch.

I feel like we're bickering a lot lately. I don't really want to live like this forever. I got up early to have the bathroom free for him to get ready for work (actually, even earlier since I just couldn't sleep again), so now I can't even cry, since it's not even 8 am and I'm up and ready to face the day with some old crusty make-up on.

It'll be okay. It always is.

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