23 February 2005

Just took a lil career quiz at College 911
Your heart's desire is Public Service and Education

You have a number of attributes that make you an excellent candidate for a public service or education-related career. Your life is all about helping others and making a difference, so if your current job does not allow you to make a contribution as part of a team, you're likely to be very unhappy. Your especially empathetic and good at listening to others, so others trust you to lead since they know you're dedicated to doing what's best for the whole.

If you're currently not in a public service field and are unhappy with your current situation, it's likely that you're not living your life's purpose. Until you get yourself back on track, the life you dream of may never arrive.

What exactly does this 'dream job' look like? The answer lies in the combination of visions that you have for each of your 5-second lives. If you can find a way to creatively combine the various attributes of each of your dream lifetimes into one career in this lifetime, you'll be well on your way to fulfilling your heart's desire.


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