02 February 2005

It's done. I just finished printing up my letter to PartyLite requesting my Stash for Cash money back. Stash is something they set up for consultants to help save for National Conference. They take whatever amount you want out of your profits for each show, then apply it toward your conference registration and send you the extra. There's no interest, but it's an easy way to accumulate money for conference, which is a blast. I went to conference in 2002 and 2003 (and 1996, but that's a different story). Last year I had to get the money back in early spring (maybe even when they just sent it because I didn't register for conference...), and today I had to request the $270 I accrued toward this year's conference. I have a $265 medical bill that will go to collections at the end of the month. It's perfect, right? It'll have to be.

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