06 January 2005

A weekend of my own!

My man just left to go ice-racing four states away. Yes, his idea of a good time is trailering tires with spikes on them to a big frozen lake and driving on. With a bunch of other people, to see who can drive the fastest. They stand outside, on the frozen lake, all weekend. Fun? Whatever.

It leaves me to my own devices, though! The only things written in stone are the cleaning ladies coming tomorrow morning (so I need to get out of bed, showered, and ready to lock myself in my office by like 8am) and my mom's candle show on Saturday morning.
The possibilities are endless! Luckily he left me $20. We're out of food here. So tonight I'll probably haul my butt out in the snow and hit Meijer (24 hours, so no schedule there :D)
I'll work some more tonight, but then I can also work on finishing up organizing my office.
I can read (just started Angels and Demons this afternoon).
I can work on my counted cross stitch.
I can do anything!!

Yes, I miss him, but after living alone for so long, and now being with him all the time (including full time last week!), a weekend to myself is pretty exciting ;)

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