11 January 2005

I'm fighting it tooth and nail.
One ginormous crying jag last night, but today I'm feeling better.
The universe is even conspiring in my favor for a change. I decided on Saturday to quit doing candle parties, then booked one. Okay, fine. I'll do one more. Yesterday I got an email from the corporate office that one of my hostesses from two years ago is looking for me, then this morning I got an email from a hostess from last year that wants a new catalog. Maybe I'm not done after all.
I called the other company I'm hoping to work for on a six-week project in February/March to clarify their start date. I'll be in Miami, FL for the boat show from February 17 - 20, and I'm not allowed to miss any training if I take that job again (I did it last year...). She said they aren't expecting to start until the 22nd of February - woo-hoo!!
And now I have plenty of work on my other job - if they could keep the servers up! :mad: But when they're up, I'm working, so I might get a measurable paycheck in a couple weeks!
Thanks for your support. It was really good to come in today and know I'm not alone.

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