24 January 2005

Everything is bugging me today. And it shouldn't even be PMS.
I actually got up at a reasonable hour today and got straight in the shower. Then even cleaned the bathroom. You'd think I was on track, but picking up his stray hairs off the floor annoyed me.
Then I got to work and the server actually stayed up for almost two hours! That's good. Trust me.
He decided he wanted PBJ for lunch instead of leftover spaghetti. No biggie. Leftover spaghetti is now tomorrow's lunch.
I don't know why I'm so darn ornery (unless I'm actually more [h]ornery, but I don't think so).
I'm tired of not having a car, but I see the logic and my convenience in him driving it. It inconveniences me the least, compared to borrowing a car from someone else.

I am kinda paranoid and annoyed at the gym. There. I said it.
I had a boyfriend like over a decade ago who always went to the gym to screw around. Now my man has a gym membership. I've been there. He'd never screw around on me, and I realize the positive implications for his health - he needs more exercise (so do I, but I'll worry about that once we have our cars back).
I feel like a big baby, but hearing 'I'm going to the gym. Back in a few hours.' is just a huge trigger for me. So then I end up all whiney and clingy and annoying. I'm even annoying myself.
I don't even want to tell him, since it's so stupid. Hopefully, getting it out here will just, well, get it out!

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