20 November 2004

Whew. Bedtime for me!
Just finished writing for NaNoWriMo. Over 3000 words today, for a total of over 30000. Need at least 2836/day for the seven days that I still have available to write (I won't have a minute to write on Monday, and can't write once I'm in Germany. This is the furthest I've gotten. Sure would like to finish. Someday will speak in complete sentences again. :)

More good news? My candle show this afternoon is over $700 so far. This is very, very good. If I can get everything I have scheduled to close before I leave closed, I will probably be able to repay the money I need to borrow from mom on Thanksgiving as soon as I return from Germany (payments due the 1st of December, but I won't be here to collect/deposit/write checks from my paychecks til I get back. Ugh.).

Oh! I remember the other thing: Women - PMS tips? Seriously, this crap is getting worse every month. I cried myself to sleep and back awake several times last night and couldn't explain it to my man. Just complete doom and gloom for one week a month. Oh, and have I mentioned lately that I don't have medical insurance? That's why I've got to ask you all what to do, I can't ask the trained medical professionals ;)

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