05 November 2004

Very discouraged today.
Finished the stuff that needed mailing this morning, as well as the dishwasher and getting half-way through a load of laundry.
Man got home for lunch and was visibly upset by the clutter. Started trying to do the dishes by hand. Made me feel like crap.
Went on my interview. Thought I totally screwed up the numeric data entry part (ended up off a line! :O ), but I'd gotten far enough to make up for it. I scored 'Expert' on everything they tested me on. Unfortunately, the client cancelled the project, so they have nothing for me.
Headed over to pick up my paycheck from last week and see about the 3-month position. They couldn't work around the Germany trip. Damn.
So I have no money, no sights of any coming in, Man is pissed, and no employer wants me. I can't even keep house anymore. I so hate me today.

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