27 October 2004

Okay, this is so stupid and so petty, but I have to get it off my chest before he gets home.
My man was going drag racing tonight (he's on his way home now), so I planned for an evening alone. All the way home (yes, I got lost and ended up taking the long way), I imagined curling up with the book I'm reading and my leftovers from dinner out on Monday - a super stuffed, super cheesy burrito - YUM!!!
When I finally got home (15-20 miles = 1 hour), the first thing I saw was a plate on the counter with cheese baked on it. Huh. He left a message on my cell saying he was having peanut butter and jelly. Must have had a hard time making that with heat and cheese, eh?
I opened the fridge. My burrito is gone.
So tonight I have my choice of cheese and crackers, or last night's leftovers - hot dogs and beans. So not the same :(

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