02 September 2004

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This morning was not smooth. The cleaning ladies came, and they usually come around 8 (or so I thought) so I didn't bother showering or anything first. I planned on hiding in my office til they were done. Once they left, I went to get back online, but the ISP thingy said it couldn't find a dial tone. Huh. So I tried to call my man - sure enough - no dial tone! I was getting a little freaked out when I also couldn't call out on my cell phone. I could picture the evil person outside who had just cut all the lines and was watching me get a little concerned.
I finally gave up and decided to get my shower and try my cell phone again on the road.
As I got out of the shower, I heard my name, then heard the door to the garage shut. Shit. I'm naked and officially freaking out big time. I called out a few times, but no one answered. After quickly getting dressed, I opened the door to the garage. The garage light was on. I tried the phone again. Still nothing. But oddly enough, the answering machine showed new messages.
Checking the answering machine cleared up one matter of confustion. The cleaning ladies called to say they forgot to take their check off the counter and were coming back. So they were the ones who had opened the garage door, told me they were there, and left right away.
After moving furniture and researching, I found the cord that was no longer connected to the phone. Finally, everything was working (except the cell phone, but screw it - enough stress dealing with everything else!).
My man called almost immediately with still more bad news.
I knew last night that I wanted to stay in bed today. Now I know I really should have...

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