26 August 2004

Wow. Up til a few months ago, I would have described myself as an avid reader. Now, I'm so busy I can't even do that! This is the first month in literally years that I haven't yet finished a book - many months I finished several each week!
So this entry is to bring you up to date on what I am reading, and what I'm waiting to read, now that I'm settling in after the hectic move/job stuff.

Now reading:
Wicked - so far, I really enjoy it, but it isn't an exceptionally 'fluffy' read.
Waiting to read:
The Wedding - my mom recommeded it last night...said it'll be quick and enjoyable.
Full Blast - mom again :) She said it's still wonderful Janet Evanovich, but not a mystery.
Hopefully I can get to these soon. Right after I finish Wicked, which will hopefully be soon...

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