09 August 2004

Oh my goodness.
Reminded again this weekend why I’ve cut back on drinking. Added a new stunt (never to be repeated) to my drunken repertoire.
Saturday night we went out to a friend’s parents’ house. He and his girlfriend have been in town for about a week, so we decided to get together again before they leave for home many hours away tomorrow. Poor planning on my part: I’ve been too busy to eat (don’t ask), taking pain pills for my shoulder and had taken the knock-you-out allergy stuff before we went out on the town. We all had a pretty good time…I passed out about 2 minutes into the car ride back to the house.
As we pulled up to the house (or so I’m told), the friend spilled his drink. The three of them (my man, the friend and friend’s girlfriend) were busy trying to minimize the damage. I decided I had to use the bathroom. So I somehow got into the house, down the hall past any rooms I knew of, and into the master bathroom off the master bathroom. In my first flash of consciousness in hours, I do remember the great sense of relief that I was able to find a bathroom and pee.
As I walked out of the bathroom, I saw a bed very close. There was someone there, so I grabbed the foot of whoever I saw. I have no idea why. This is when the friend’s poor, startled father woke abruptly, waking his wife at the same time. Luckily his shout let the friend and girlfriend know where I was. They were looking for me.
The escorted me out the trailer man and I were sleeping in. Once I realized what had happened, I was appropriately mortified. Well, appropriately for the first hour or so, but finally man got tired of trying to comfort me in my sobbing, hysterical state. I must have eventually sobbed myself to sleep through to my awful hangover in the morning….
What a long night…I will NOT be doing that again.

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