04 August 2004

My neck is killing me! It happens from using my 'mouse arm' too much, so then I switch to the left handed mouse and the pain fades away. Unfortunately, I've been semi-training people on my job, and I thought it would be cruel to make them use my mouse left handed. So I've suffered instead.
When I got home from work, I had taken a Motrin 800 and was just waiting for it to kick in. I ironed a few shirts while I waited. Ironing it truly therapeutic.
We went out for pizza and visiting once man was done with his list of stuff to do and that was fun too, but my happy moment yesterday was ironing. Sick, eh?

Tonight's happy moment will be getting some action :naughty:. Are you reading this honey? It's on the schedule, since it hasn't gotten done lately otherwise LOL.

Oh! That's after I go give blood...a question for anyone who knows: Can I take a Motrin 800 at lunch and still give blood 4 or so hours later? Please advise if you know....Thanks!

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