11 August 2004

Gosh - I almost got on here to say sorry I'm such a slacker, but I really am just toooo busy lately!

Monday's happy moment is just that, really. Not so much a 'moment' as an enormous feeling of accomplishment. Mom and Dad came over to help - again - with the packing, moving, etc. and we got a TON done!! We have to, since the giant moving/candle clearance sale is next Thursday and Friday (yes, one week and one day countdown starts now...)

I expected yesterday's happy moment to be Stamp Club, but I was even happier when I got home and saw how much my man had accomplished! There's some of my stuff on the walls in the kitchen, the living room and the organizing basket/shelf in the bathroom!! I was so excited. And it's all level and everything - he's too good!

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