06 July 2004

I think I mentioned a couple weeks ago one of my birthday gifts being the Automatic Scooping Litter Box for the girls? Well today after a long weekend away, I took a minute to watch this beauty in action. And action there was!
See, it's a great system. It runs this giant comb sorta thing through the litter, which of course catches and drags all the umm...droppings. Then when it reaches the receptacle end, the top of the comb pushes the lid of the containment section open, then dumps the yuckiness in. Sounds flawless, right?
Unfortunately, there's a little snag in the 'smooth' operation toward the end. So instead of delicately opening the containment section and gently scooping my babies' poopies in, it starts opening the lid, then FLINGS THE POOP ACROSS MY KITCHEN!!! Yes. I saw the droppings land on my desk, on the other side of the room.
Gonna have to be careful about the placement of said box in the man's house, and hope he doesn't see this particular acrobatic act before we're all settled in....


Eric said...

Hey, some people pay extra for that feature. Now all you need is a basket on the other side of your room to complete the system, or maybe a target.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the man is not one of the ones who would pay for that :lol