30 July 2004

He figured out where we are (this blog, I mean...). I didn't really try to hide it, so it comes up on my computer pretty easily.
We read through the current (translation: since we've been together) stuff together, but then he didn't want to go back further. Fair enough.
Then he went back further and justified it all cuz he was seeing other people then too.
Now I went back and re-read some old stuff. Ugh. How could I have thought so wrong ones were right? Am I that big of a moron? But it doesn't make me question where I'm at now.
Sometimes I just wish I was born yesterday. But then I'd have been too scared to put it all out there for now. And what if it was meant for me to take 30-some years to learn how to be happy? Glad I've got those dues paid.
And regardless of the stupid blur I lived through already, I have never been happier and felt like I'm in more the right place than I am now.

Yes, I am writing for crap today, but I wanted to say - I love you so much.

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