12 July 2004

Ended up canoeing on the Rifle River with my family while the man completed his very abbreviated version of vacation over the weekend. He's on his way back now.
Anyway, the funniest part of canoeing had to be watching mom almost flip the boat trying to get a picture of us in the other boat. Too funny! Luckily dad was quick enough to get his leg out of the boat and into the water to the bottom to avert a catastrophe! hahahaha

Told the boss-man today that I plan on leaving by or shortly after my move at the end of August. Primarily because I don't want to commute for this job. Which is mostly true. The more I think about it, the stuff I don't like here really isn't his fault...

Hey, any scrapbookers out there? I have way tooo much stuff and need to give some away...let me know what you usually do (themes and such), and I'll let you know if I can put together a lil care package for ya! :)

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