25 June 2004

I think he actually pulled it off. Or he's just becoming even more horrible of a correspondent.
Last night the man and I were talking about Jobbie Nooner (some pix there are not work suitable!). His boat wasn't ready quite in time, and he said he couldn't take any more time off of work. But he was packing a bag in case someone talked him into it or he found some way.
So I emailed him and PMed him this morning...and I've heard nothing back. I think he may have actually pulled it off. And the only part I'm annoyed with is he didn't tell me. Or he's still at work and just didn't take 20 seconds to reply to either of my messages.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention why I'm a bit moodier than usual. I fell yesterday. Wiped out going up the cement steps in front of my apartment. Started bawling once I got inside, and had to call my mommy. I scraped both knees, a shin, some toes, the back of some fingers and a big bloody oozing spot on the heel of my hand. Ouch. I'm still sore and cranky at myself for falling for no reason. I never fell when I was drunk all the time. Someone said my equilibrium probably isn't used to the clarity ;).

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