16 January 2004

This is complete bullshit and completely unlike me.
I've got it bad.
He was supposed to call and come get his stuff today and he didn't (he's at work now...). So my nerves are shot waiting to hear from him. I want to tell him that I am crazy about him and regardless of what he thinks, I was very happy with him. I want him to think a little more, and I want him back.
I feel so pitiful.

On other notes, I went for a job interview today doing test scoring, but it doesn't start til mid-February. Also talked to the woman from the agency and she said she'd get back with me Monday.

Tomorrow is shopping with my brother, then a Pure Romance party in the evening. And the joy of telling my friends I've been dumped.

Sorry I can't even try to be witty and entertaining. Check back later.

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